One step closer to Safe Sleeping Project Launch!

The first shipment of our sleeping bags have arrived in time for the February frost. Have a closer look…

For anyone who wishes to participate in handing out sleeping bags in Montreal, please email Tracy at:

2 thoughts on “One step closer to Safe Sleeping Project Launch!”

  1. Homelessness is at epic levels. In Toronto its a dirty little secret that the Politicians gloss over and use as a photo op. They make lots of promises but the money and resources always seem to be allocated to the next pet project they have. if not for organizations like ROGERTATUM. INC. homeless people would freeze to death or go hungry. Canada is supposed to be a country that takes care of its own not just immigrants, but alas homeless citizens are second class citizens in Toronto. If there is no Political gain to be made, it seems that only charities like ROGERTATUM. INC. care enough to help. There is no cameras rolling when they (ROGERTATUM INC.) distribute food or sleeping bags, just kind hearted individuals. Compassion and Caring. These words mean something to ROGERTATUM. INC.
    Please donate generously to this Charity. Ever cent goes to the betterment of homeless and disenfranchised individuals.
    Thank- you

    1. Thanks Rene, your view of this the travesty of the homeless is from a front-line observation. Your support will just help and hopefully your words resonate to the ears of the persons holding the key to make homeless obsolete. Sincerely Tommy Larocque and foundation.

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