Our Approach

At the Roger and Tatum Foundation we believe that while our nation provides basic social services and assistance to all citizens, there is need for more altruism, and aid specifically regarding the provision of basic human needs. We believe every human being deserves a warm place to sleep and a hot meal. Our aims are quite simple: we want to provide those things, and one day evolve into an organization that fights larger battles, including providing assistance to cancer sufferers and other fatal illnesses.

Our Story

The impetus for the Roger and Tatum foundation arose out of the desire of siblings to utilize their personal entrepreneurial success to help advance altruistic aims. Meet the team and learn more below.

Meet the Team


President and Founder

Tommy was instrumental in the manufacturing of medicine with Jeff Renwick ,coupled with health and wellness . One of their larger ventures was the love of racing and breeding of horses. Tommy has been in the commercial and residential construction business most of his life building Pharma factories. Slowly venturing into mortgages and lending along the path has allowed his personality to have a gamete of variety of expense in many ways.

Tatum also rode Equestrian as a amateur.  Having lost  his father Roger and his spouse Tatum in battles with cancer, and now in 2021 his best friend Jeff Renwick who joined the battle has succumbed to the same monster that we sought to fight. This has further inspired the desire to give a little with the thought that ...all its takes is " just a little from each and everyone". Tommy seeks to keep the memory alive through the creation of this foundation, and the projects he pursues through it. I think "making a small difference in the lives of those who otherwise only have hope  inspires my ability to continue to change the life of  just one person". Witnessing the whole picture of these broken lives gives the  inspiration to continue and try to persuade other people that "some of the recipients are at complete crossroads" . I am hoping that others just go out and just do anything, one small thing for just one of the many people who need help.

Our  "Warm Parka Program" in which 130 quality parkas were donated went over with a overwhelming demand.  . All the parkas were donated by First Republic Capital with the help of some helpful importers who also donated their services pro-bono. It is always heartfelt to hear  the recipients say " this is the warmest parka I  have ever had " or "are you for real" . Hopefully, we can repeat this same kindness this year !.


Tracy Larocque

Vice President

Obtaining her diploma in Social Work and previously holding a registration with the Alberta College of Social Workers, Tracy worked over the years as an in-house Crisis Counsellor/Wellness Worker, an Outreach Worker, and a Youth and Family Support Worker for a non-profit women's shelter organization. She also served people experiencing homelessness and gained valuable experience as a relief Adult Care Worker for the Calgary Drop-in and Rehab Centre. Currently, Tracy works in Montreal as a Nanny, helping those most marginalized and in-need in her spare time. Having many years of experiencing assisting others through both professional social service and volunteer work, Tracy uses her deep compassion for others to offer food, clothing, bedding, etc to at-risk populations living on the streets. She aims to continue her work through the projects undertaken by the Roger and Tatum Foundation for years to come.

Jeff Renwick at Seaton house


It is with sad news that we announce on May 21,2021 we lost our best friend and business partner to the same cause we dearly were fighting. Jeff Renwick was the C.E.O. of several Canadian public corporations, namely, Canntab Therapeutics Limited, Orbus Pharma Inc., Sanitas Pharma Inc., and Cmax Technologies Ltd. Together Tommy and Jeff have been involved of various pharmaceutical and nutraceutical ventures. The two  have been good friends for 32 years since they met. Jeff originates from the Prairies  where they originally met. Coming from a deep family background of generations of farmers  who believe in sustaining good values in their children. The Renwick heritage of a large family background from Milestone Saskatchewan area leads the way in being pillars in their community with a natural giving sense of well being. Jeff and Tommy have actively been pursuing ideas of how to give back . Together they know and observe they are making a difference with the hope of one day to bring this venture to a deeper level once their ideas come to fruition.