Provide Sleeping Bags and Warm Clothing

Safe Sleeping Project

This project arose out of the desire of Tracy Larocque to engage in harm reduction, as opposed to identifying and implementing a solution for the age-old homelessness challenge plaguing the nation. In conducting front-line work with homeless individuals for the better part of her career, Tracy frequently utilizes her free time to assist and to speak with the homeless population of Montreal and Toronto to identify their genuine basic needs. In having these conversations, Tracy identified warm bedding as a need consistently addressed by the homeless population. Out of this pervasive need, Tracy and Tommy began researching the most effective sleeping bags for Canadian winters.

Provide Food and Drinks

Feed the Homeless

A major goal we possess is to launch our “feed the homeless” program. Too often homeless individuals find themselves disconnected and unable to identify local soup kitchens. Therefore, the Roger and Tatum Foundation seeks to contribute and continue with the altruistic work of Tracy Larocque, who regularly drives around her city providing warm meals to individuals living outdoors during the winter season.

To donate: The eligible donators can donate by contacting Tommy at the email address below and  receive a receipt of  their donation by contacting [email protected].

The donator will receive instructions through the email. Your donations go 100% to different programs and helping the homeless.